1. Click on the following link:   in order to upload your E-poster
  2. Insert your e-mail and the password you have received June 30 by email in order to login
  3. Click the button Upload Abstract
  4. Upload your file in PDF format
  5. You can change your file within Friday 4 August


E-Poster 2.0 is a software able to browse and display posters. They will be displayed on site on monitor 42” vertically oriented, instead of being printed and hanged on the wall.
Every monitor is a station, including a smaller touch screen, where every participant will be able to:

  • Search a poster using few keywords, such as topic, authors, title, ID, etc.
  • Watch the poster as a printed one on the monitor
  • Zoom in to see the details
  • Type messages or questions to the Authors

Editing your PDF file 
Accepted file format for submission: PDF
We recommend traditional vertical format
File size: we suggest max 20 MB

Please consider that the file will be opened with a viewer that fits the scale of the display screen, independently from the screen dimension you have chosen. Therefore the format is most important than the absolute measure. Different sizes will be anyway visualized, but they can not appear to fit with the entire display monitor.

The maximum allowed size is 2.160 pixels x 3.840, with a minimum resolution of 72 dpi.
The upload is limited to files having 20 Mb maximum, excluding the video files.

One-page poster is the most simple option, but consider that a multipage file is supported. In this case, it is recommended to limit your poster to no more than 3-4 pages.

Optional Features
Audio comment – MP3 File
Accepted file format for submission: .MP3
Duration: 1-2 min
File size: Max 10 MB

In addition to the poster file, during submission, you can also attach your audio comment.
We suggest 1 or 2 minutes speech max. An headset will be available to hear your audio comment on-site during free-time slots.
The maximum size for audio files to be uploaded is 10 Mb.

Video Attached files – AVI-MP4 Files
Accepted file format for submission: .AVI or .MP4
Codec: H264
File size: 25MB

In addition to the poster file, during submission you can also attach one or more video files, for showing your model animations, field or lab test results, etc.
We suggest AVI or MP4 files (recommended h264 codec).
The maximum size for video files to be uploaded is 25 Mb.