ECIM 2017 (European Congress of Internal Medicine) is the official congress of the European Federation of Internal Medicine (EFIM) which includes the national societies of internal medicine of 33 countries, representing approximately 35.000 internists.

ECIM 2017 will be held in Milan from August 31st to September 2nd.

The title of the meeting is “Thinking outside the box in a world of limited resources”.

The main idea behind the congress is that it should not be a rehearsal of more specific scientific meeting but should stimulate old and young physicians to discuss about “hot”
themes, such as professionalism, ethical issues, social determinants of health, less is more educational approaches. With this in mind, the structure of the Congress will includes key plenary lectures and 2 parallel tracks. In particular one track will focus on update in 7 different areas (hematology, cardiology, respiratory medicine, diabetology and endocrinology, nephrology, emergency medicine, hepatology and gastroenterology); for each area a distinguished speaker is invited to update the audience with the 5 most relevant papers published in the last 2 year. In each area an update for at least one rare disease for which new therapy or new diagnostic tool have been published will be included such as Gaucher Diasease, Fabry, coagulopathies etc.

The second track will focus on assessment of value in medicine, personalized medicine, healthcare and migrants, successful aging, education and quality of care.

There will be 2 sessions organized by the young internists group focusing on epigenetic and thinking outside the box.

Moreover the congress will include meet the expert sessions focusing on neurological, orthopedic, dermatological examination in internal medicine words and palliative care.
The Congress program looks very attractive discussing many actual issues as well as scientific progresses in different fields which merge in Internal Medicine taking into account the present population and the future of Medicine in the 21st century.

For details regarding sponsorship opportunities and/or exhibition space at ECIM 2017, please contact:

AIM Group International – MILAN OFFICE

Via G. Ripamonti, 129 – 20141 Milan (Italy)
Ph +39 02 566011
Fax +39 02 70048578