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We want to make sure that basic medicine reaches the people who need it.

Two Institutions that boosted a great Tradition of Medical, Scientific and Humanistic studies.

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The event is Scheduled to be organized on the 2 & 3 September at the 84, rue Marie de Medicis. If you want to learn more about this event contact us.

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We have a team of professional medicine practitioners who are always willing to help ensure that medicine is given to the people who need it.

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Willie Byrd
Willie Byrd
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Karen L. Louis
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Jose S. Tolliver
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Ronald P. Gaudet


“I knew that world healthcare access is limited but finding the right source who can gve you the right medicine at the right time can make all the difference”.

Caroline L. Clemens

“I had a research published and My research was heard and appreciated. This research if taken further can change the way world sees medicine”.

Ella L. Fisher

“This event was the best, where I got access to some of the stats which were disturbing. I hope that someday the advancement in medicine helps people to gain better healthcare access”.

Bertha J. Cleveland


Latest News

People strength training

Benefits of Strength & Weight Training

Body strength training is a wide term, and it works far away from weight management and aesthetic body muscles. Body strength training means strength to bone muscles, increase the bearing ability of the body and increase the productivity of aerobic exercises.

Nowadays, most of the people are doing exercises only for increasing the sharp looks of their body, such as physical attraction, bodybuilding & lean muscles, and body fat. But strength and weight training, at especially treningssenter bodø is a wide term so first of all let’s have a look at what body strength is?

What is Body Strength?

Strength training is a complicated phrase that is covering multiple weight training methods such as power-lifting, circuit training, aerobic exercises, explosive dynamic body training and much more. Bodyweight strength training means the resistance of your own body against pain and negative factors instead of dumbbells or exercise machines. If your body is familiar with a certain exercise, then it not only improves your heart health and body balance but also works on the strength of your bones. Strength training or resistance training is a physical activity that improves muscle fitness.

Are you also trying to work on weight management and body strength training? In this article, I am going to mention some top benefits of body strength training that we all should know. Let’s have a look at them

Improve Digestive System

Proper strength training has a positive effect on your digestive system. The strength training not only trims the tone of your abdominal but also works on the organs behind your thick skin. One can control the sugar levels in their body and make your body elevates its metabolism.

Boost your Immune System

Similar to your digestive system, your immune system also get multiple benefits from strength training. Body strength training exercises improve the pumping of blood in the body by reducing stress level and releasing the endorphins. A specific workout session works on the different parts of the body differently, and it also helps the human body to upgrade its immune system against destructive conditions. Different research studies are still ongoing only to prove that body strength training has a positive effect on our immune systems.

Improvement in Physical Functionality

A physical inactivity results in reducing the body’s power to perform some daily chores and basic activities of daily routine. Remain inactive physically for a while can reduce your ability to walking around the house, sitting and standing from the chair, and picking up things or touching the high shelves. Research studies have proved that body strength and weight management training has the power to improve the physical activity level of the body. It can also control many ageing inactivity effects such as walking speed, functioning abilities, physical performances and movements.

Improve Heart Health

We can’t deny that proper body strength training has a positive effect on our cardiovascular health. But several factors can risk cardiovascular health, and we have no control over it, such as ageing, genetics and gender. There are few problems that we can control or improve with proper weight management and body strength training such as type 2 diabetes, blood lipids, improving blood pressure, and obesity.

All the above mention points are some common benefits that you can gain with proper body strength training and weight management.

Physical therapy gives a higher life expectancy

There are several health benefits of regular physical activities and exercises. Physical therapies can give higher life expectancies as compared to other treatments. Physical activities play a key role in improving the cardiorespiratory & cardiovascular functioning, reducing biological risk factors (such as diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, and high sugar levels in the body), stroke, reduces the chances of cancer and maintaining the proper physical functioning of the body. But except these benefits, physical therapy can improve the life span? It is a difficult question, and its answer is also a little bit confusing.

 Do you know, the most common cause of death in the Western side is cardio and malignancies problems?  According to one analytical report of 2017, 65.9% of men and 68.6% of women were died because of these diseases in the boundaries of Germany. Moreover, respiratory diseases are the second most prominent factor that causes the death of people, and 10% of people in the world died after every 3 years due to this problem.

Regular physical activities can improve many health conditions such as chronic diseases, diabetes mellitus type 2, dyslipidemia, arterial hypertension, and chronic obstructive pulmonary problems. With some regular physical activities, life span gets better. But can it improve furthermore with regular sports activities? The answer to this question still has to find.

Are you sure about the bond between physical activities and longevity of life span?

Observational studies have performed the various operations on different sections of the popularity. These studies have shown that the higher physical activities and responding of the human body are bound with each other. A new large study has shown that daily brisk walking for a few minutes can increase life expectancies even in people with overweight issues.

If a normal weight person spends 150 minutes weekly on doing some physical exercise, then he/she can survive 4.3 more years as compared to others. In one report, it is mentioned that most of the people in the US are overweight, and they face difficulties in reducing their weights. I-Min Lee is the famous epidemiology professor at the Harvard School of Public Health who has worked on several physical health and life-expanding studies. According to his research, being active physically and mentally can increase a life span not only in normal people but also in overweight persons. The professor and researcher Lee said that this is the first most beneficial study on the subject of estimating the years and deaths of lives due to Body Mass Index (BMI) & less physical activities.

Best Routines for Longevity

Physical therapist Stian Nyhus from Norway, has a extended degree within longevity trought physical therapy and has his own clinic, Fysioterapeut Kristiansand.

He says some simple exercises help you to improve your life span and stay physically active all day long.

Here are his top 3 recommendations:

  • Brisk walking or walk fast almost for an hour every day
  • Work on the strengthening of your muscles by doing weight-free or physical training exercises
  • Perform simple cardiovascular exercises almost 3 to 6 hours per week

Increasing the moderate rate of exercise by hours per week can decrease the death rate by 37%. According to different studies and analytical researches, it is shown that physical activities do have some effect on the longevity of life span.

Patient care

The Future Of Comprehensive Patient Care

The practice of medicine is evolving into new dimensions, and the recent healthcare efforts and discoveries have established a much safer total healthcare programs for people. The innovations of today will become the roots for future healthcare technologies. It is an evergrowing process of making humanity reach closer to immortality every day.

The healthcare services which are available today have slowly started to drop out the decades-old procedures for diagnosis and treatments. There is no more one checkup for all problems, and every small problem has a set of diagnostic procedures. Even the communication between the patient and the doctor has improved by a lot with the help of internet. The doctors are now able to approach their patients in a more efficient way with new models like group visits, social network, mobile phones and more. Let us discuss the changes we are and will experience today and for years ahead.

Online Visit

Online Visits

Online visits is one of the models which the doctors and healthcare scientists are curious to implement. With this model, the doctors have started attending their patients online with the help of a camera and a phone. This method is said to be beneficial for saving a lot of time for the patients and doctors and will provide more flexibility to their schedules. With improvement in communication technology, this idea can work for diagnosis of higher tier diseases as well. It will be helping the patients to receive the finest diagnosis from the best doctors around the world. Especially the rural and underserved areas will enjoy this benefit with instant appointment with doctors at the convenience of availability of both. Although this method will not help in cases where the presence of doctor is required to operate of the patient, it can make the quick check-up process much more efficient for the comfort of patients and better time consumption of doctors.

Group Visits

Group visit is another factor which can make the healthcare programs more efficient by diagnosing multiple patients at once. Patients with similar symptoms can be directed to a staff which will provide the right kind of information and guidance to the whole group. Group visit is already a thing, and many clinics have  special sessions for patients suffering from same symptoms.


Team Approach

Group visits and team approach can work hand in hand to be one of the best diagnosis methods in the healthcare organisations. The primary and secondary doctors can coordinate the check-up plans and switch roles with the arising needs. The primary doctor can organize the services and treatments provided by midlevel providers such as nurse and physician assistants. This will create more learning opportunities for the nurses and assistants while the physician can lead the whole process.


The Important Advancements in Medicine

Healthcare is essential for a brighter future of life on the planet, and it has been growing ever since the Renaissance period. Right research, innovations and discoveries in modern medicine is important to find the true solutions to all healthcare problems. We have come a long way in healthcare technology with different programs and services for the known diseases and conditions known to mankind. Understanding the industry, the processes, and the areas of improvements is important to advance towards future healthcare. In the past decade, we have done so much in the field of medicine, that it is equivalent to what we accomplished over centuries in the past. With these modern medicine and healthcare we have accomplished a healthier environment for ourselves.

Blood Transfusion

The first blood transfusion was done in 1667 between a boy and a sheep by Jean- Baptiste Denys. But today it has evolved a lot more, and now it is possible to even donate blood to a patient having a different blood group. The process of giving and receiving blood has been doing a lot better nowadays, and the patients in need of blood can now worry less about finding the exact blood group for themselves. Blood transfusion can also be used to treat conditions like sickle cell disease.


Organ Transplantation

It is a procedure in which a surgeon carefully replaces an organ in a patient’s body with an organ from another human’s body. This treatment has saved thousands of lives since its first implementation in 1883 when Nobel Laureate Theodor Kocher successfully transplanted thyroid in a patient. Today the organ transplantation has reached to the level of replacing external organs. In 2015, the first double hand transplant became successful on a child.

Contraceptive pill

Since its invention in 1955 by Gregory Goodwin Picus & John Rock, contraceptive pill has been a choice of women to decide their pregnancy. It has given much more freedom to women to avoid unwanted responsibilities at the learning and career development age of their lives. It became available for everyone in the 1960s, which opened the options for women to control their pregnancy depending on the situation and other social and biological factors. The labs are working every day to create an option for men as well, and the medicines are getting tested in clinics to be introduced in near future.



The earliest records of practising vaccination goes back to 17th century when China and India were developing prevention measures to avoid certain diseases. Smallpox was one of the first diseases to get completely eradicated by vaccination. It is a process which trains the immune system to fight infections. Vaccination has proved to be the prevention for dangerous and fatal diseases such as rabies and tuberculosis.


The most common infections and diseases needed to be cured to prevent any amplified effects due to prolonged suffering. The first antimicrobial drug was discovered by Alexander Fleming in 1928. Antibiotics help in eradicating and preventing bacterial infections in our bodies. It can cure the smallest troublesome diseases as well as can be a lifesaver in deadly diseases.